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What are perfume fragrance notes made up of?

If you are looking for a less expensive fragrance alternative to your favorite scent, ÉCLAT offers you a large selection of high-quality perfume dupes. Our perfume dupes are our own creations, but can be reminiscent of well-known scent directions and therefore often suit your taste. This is due to a similar composition of top, heart and base notes. But what does that actually mean?

Just like a piece of music, a perfume is made up of very different notes to create a composition. Individual fragrance notes such as citrus fruits, roses, woods or spices form a three-stage fragrance composition with top, heart and base notes, which is also known as a fragrance pyramid. This classification not only describes which fragrance notes are contained in a perfume, but also shows how a fragrance changes over time.

What is the top note of a perfume?

With our fragrance twins, the top note is the first thing you notice about the fragrance immediately after applying it. It is therefore largely responsible for the first impression of the fragrance twin. Fresh and citrusy notes are often used for the top note. Despite the fresher notes, the top note of a perfume is intense because it has to draw attention to the fragrance, but it also fades relatively quickly to make way for the heart of the fragrance twin.

What is the heart note of a perfume?

You can perceive the heart note of our fragrance twins about ten to fifteen minutes after spraying on the fragrance. With an average longevity, the heart note can be perceived for around two to three hours. As the heart of the perfume, it makes up a large part of the composition. Floral, fruity, green or even spicy fragrances are often used in the heart note of a perfume.

What is the base note of a perfume?

The fragrance concludes with the base note. The base note of our fragrance twins can be described as the foundation and stabilizer of the entire composition and lasts for several hours. Heavier notes such as musk, wood, incense, vanilla, ambergris or patchouli are often used in the base of a perfume.

The majority of ÉCLAT's women's, men's and unisex perfumes follow this olfactory pyramid. However, there are also individual fragrances that are based on a linear composition. Here, all aromas unfold immediately and the fragrance remains the same throughout. You can recognize these fragrance twins by the fact that only the base note is indicated on their product page.


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