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ÉCLAT 953 RAR INSPIRED BY JO MALONE - OAT & CORNFLOWER Sale price£17.47* Regular price£24.95*(£317.64/l)
ÉCLAT 942 VIP/RAR INSPIRED BY YVES SAINT LAURENT - EXQUISITE MUSK Sale price£17.47* Regular price£24.95*(£317.64/l)

Embrace Timeless Scents: ÉCLAT's Exclusive Unisex Perfume Dupe Treasures

Rediscover Rare Unisex Perfume Dupes for All Fragrance Lovers!

Welcome to the fragrant world of ÉCLAT's rare unisex perfumes. These precious perfume compositions are true treasures, featuring both feminine and masculine scent notes: Inspired by nearly forgotten Eau de Parfums no longer in production, our niche perfume dupes for women and men shine in a new light. From traditional scent directions of musk and amber to unconventional notes of benzoin and cornflower, the range of our unisex niche perfume dupes is vast. Browse ÉCLAT's selection and rediscover your past signature scent as unisex perfume dupes!

Discover the Diversity of Our Unisex Niche Perfume Dupes with Versatile Scent Notes

Be enchanted by the extraordinary unisex niche perfume dupes from ÉCLAT, offering a rich palette of scent directions and notes to both women and men. From warm gourmand top notes that invigorate the senses, earthy base notes that provide sensual depth, to spicy heart notes that tell a story from distant lands – our exclusive unisex perfumes are artfully composed masterpieces of perfume creation that radiate modern androgyny. Discover notes of musk, amber, vanilla, rose, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vetiver, which merge in harmonious symbiosis to become unique fragrances.

Order Your Rare Unisex Perfume Dupes at ÉCLAT

ÉCLAT brings back to life Eau de Parfums no longer in production! Whether you want to be enchanted by spicy heart notes or prefer the refreshing breeze of aquatic top notes – our unisex niche perfume dupes will take you into a world of fragrance art that you'll never forget. Our compositions are inspired by past perfumes no longer produced: so that you can still enjoy these scents, order today at ÉCLAT and experience bold unisex compositions.


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