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Spicy, fruity, floral - find your favorite scent!

Choose your new favorite fragrance by scent! At ÉCLAT, you will always find fragrances that tell a story and evoke pure emotions with their fragrance notes. The floral scents of our fragrances unfold like a fresh bouquet of flowers and give you a lovely and feminine note full of elegance. Fragrances with a fruity scent, on the other hand, give the eau de parfum a lively, youthful note that emphasizes your personality.

For lovers of more intense and exotic fragrances, we offer women's, men's and unisex fragrances with sensual, oriental nuances. These seductive fragrances combine spicy, woody and sweet scents to create a captivating experience for the senses. Eau de Parfums and fragrance twins with smoky, synthetic or animalic scents can also be found in the ÉCLAT fragrance range.

Whichever fragrance you choose, whether floral like notes of rose, fruity like notes of apple or sweet gourmand scents of vanilla, each of our perfumes and fragrance twins offers a unique fragrance journey that appeals to your senses.

Eau de Parfums & fragrance twins with your favorite scent - online at ÉCLAT

The various scents of ÉCLAT perfumes, dupes and fragrance twins leave nothing to be desired. Whether in women's, men's or unisex fragrances, our fragrances include timeless classics such as warm, citrusy or woody notes of bergamot and cedarwood as well as innovative notes such as leathery, chypre or aquatic, which reflect current fragrance trends. Browse through our numerous perfume fragrances and discover fragrances and fragrance twins that are perfect for you!


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